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Stillwater Kennel & Game Farm 


Poultry for Sale
Stillwater Poultry

BarnYard Pullets (4-6 weeks old) $10 Each

We do not sell chicks until after age 4 weeks to make sure we know they are pullets. This age also no longer needs heat which allows our customers to skip the hassle of keeping birds indoors or under a heat lamp. Our breed is a Barnyard Mix which includes parent birds that are Ameraucana (blue egg layer) mixed with brown egg laying breed, resulting in chickens that should lay either brown, blue, or green/olive eggs. Our customers can come pick out their choice of birds at our barn.

Several sweet cockerels available for just $5!


Farm Fresh Eggs $5 per Dozen

We've carefully selected breeds of chicken that features light brown, dark brown, speckled, and blue eggs. 

We also offer our eggs as Hatching Eggs at $10 per dozen.


Incubator & Brooder Rental $50

We love bringing the magic of hatching to YOU!


Here’s how it works:


Stillwater Poultry will load a small table top incubator with eggs that are at the 7-10 day incubation period, guaranteeing all eggs are fertile & actively developing.


We transfer the entire set up to YOU! This includes 10 eggs AND the 2 Week Incubator Rental, along with easy to follow instructions & our 24/7 assistance if needed. Eggs are from blue & brown egg laying breeds, the combination of which will produce blue, brown, or green eggs.


Eggs will be due to hatch within 14 days! Chicks are yours to keep and the Incubator returns to Stillwater Poultry for the next family.


Let us know if you want to be on the list! Dates begin in June 2024 & end September 1st (unless demand is higher than expected).


MAKE IT FULL SERVICE! We also have small brooder rental setups available for 6 weeks. This includes a small heat plate, 1 month supply of chick starter, feeder, electrolytes packet, waterer, & pine shavings. You'll supply the box / tote / bin. $50


Special Breed Chicks (4-6 wks old) $15-25

We love to work with other breeds of chickens in addition to those that we show. The following are available in 2024. All are 4-6 weeks old:

Red Laced Blue Wyandotte Pullets = $15

Red Laced Blue Wyandotte Cockerel = $5

Silkie (Straight Run) = $25

French Black Copper Maran Pullets = $50


Cornish Cross Meat Birds

We are huge fans of raising your own meat.  The Cornish Cross goes from hatch date to processing date in just 8 weeks. For many, it can be too much to try to manage the growth process for some or all of this time. We like to be able to alleviate some of the work.

1 Week Old Chicks = $5

4 Week Old Chicks = $10

8 Week Old Chicks = $15

We do not offer processing at this time.


Other Birds Available

We occasionally will sell mature laying hens and show birds including our line of show cochins, silkies, and call ducks. Please send us a message if you are interested. 

In addition, we'd love to find a bird for you!If there is a particular breed that you'd like to add to your flock, let us know what it is and  your price range and we'll shop for you!

Call or text for more information at

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