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Stillwater Kennel & Game Farm 

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that your pet means everything to you. These FAQs should answer many of the questions you have about leaving your dog or cat with us.  If you can’t find an answer, feel free to contact us.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Our primary concern is the health of your pet. For this reason, our minimum boarding age for dogs is usually 4 months and our minimum training age for dogs is 6 months. It is generally recommended that puppies get their first round of “adult” shots at 12 weeks (including rabies), and the second round at 16 weeks. Additionally, in any kennel environment, a young pup could possibly be exposed to air-borne viruses it could not fight off. Our recommendation is to board puppies at your veterinarian's office until they have reached our minimum age requirement.

How long can my dog board? Do you discount?

Boarding can be indefinite, as long as we are paid every 30 days.  There is a $1/day discount for every 30+ day stay, $2/day discount for 60+ day stay, $3/day discount for 90+ day stay.

Why does my dog smell after being boarded?

At Stillwater, we clean our kennels multiple times per day and use disinfectants to keep them clean. However, in the closed quarters of a boarding kennel amongst other pet guests, a dog's natural odor may become more noticeable.  Certain customers may also be more sensitive to pet odors after having not been with an animal for a while. Although we give baths to the dogs before they go home, we have country well water which also has a different odor than treated water from a municipal source.

What should I expect when boarding my dog? 

Your pet will adjust quickly to our kennel and routines. Feeding, cleaning, and kennel monitoring are all events that bring order and structure to the boarding environment.  You can help prepare your dog for this schedule. First, establish (or reinforce) a routine schedule of meal times and limit feedings to once or twice per day. We feed in the morning, and again in the late afternoon, as required.  Also, we routinely quiet the kennel down in the evening to give the dogs adequate rest and comfort.

Can my dogs stay in the same kennel?

Yes, we can accommodate your request and board your dogs together in the same kennel, as space allows.  Typically we allow up to 2 large dogs or up to 3 small / medium size dogs to board together in the same kennel.

Can I bring my dog's toys or bedding? 

Your pets may have one or two toys to play with in their kennel. If you bring toys from home, be sure to mark them with permanent ink with your last name. Your pets' toys will stay with them in their suites and we do our best to return all toys. Occasionally, a toy may be lost during a playtime or cleaning.  Bedding is not necessary or recommended but it is permitted.  We request that any bedding, blankets, or fabrics be machine washable so that they can be washed prior to departure.

Can I bring my dog's special food?

Yes, you are welcome to bring their food when boarding. We will follow your instructions to make sure your dog follows his regular diet. Although not required, by pre-bagging each meal in a separate bag labeled with your dog's name, your pet will receive the exact amount of food that you feed him or her at home.

What vaccinations are required?

The State of Missouri Department of Agriculture requires proof of the following vaccinations to be on file and up to date for every guest at our kennel:  DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus), rabies, bordatella.  Vaccinations must given at least 72 hours prior to your dog's stay.

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